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Tips for Arrhythmia


Stress can be a terrible thing but how we deal with it is the key issue. Many people handle stress in their stride like ER Doctors & Nurses and others just simply crack under pressure. Stress can cause irregular heart beats or skips which sometimes are difficult to control, so here are a few tips.

Magnesium: The mineral that relaxes your heart

Too little magnesium in the system causes problems for the electrical flow within our bodies, which is crucial for control muscles and nerves which sometimes leads to arrhythmia. Natural herbalist’s recommend 250mg 4 times a day.  However, if you have any heart problems you should check with your Doctor prior to taking it.

Kava Kava & Passion Flower: Herbs that Calm

Both of these herbs are thought to help calm your sympathetic nervous system which is part of the nervous system that initiates the “Fight or Flight” response.   Follow recommended doses.

Taurine: Calm Your Nerves

This amino acid can help stop your nerves by over stimulating your heart, which is a must for controlling benign heart arrhythmias. the recommended doses are 500 to 1000mg twice a day between meals.


This is a natural compound found in our cells where it helps manufacture energy.   It also helps stabilize the body’s electrical system that could help prevent arrhythmia.

Meditation: The ultimate in calming stress

For those of you that can meditate, simply lie or sit down. Relax, control your breathing and focus on a calm scene, lower your heart rate and take control. For those of you who cannot meditate ~ buy my book. I have developed a simple way to reach a deep state of meditation.


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