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Tips for Bladder Infections


The standard reply from Doctors when someone says they have a Bladder Infection is “Cystitis” and then they prescribe a shotgun antibiotic that kills off just about every type of bacteria in our bodies.


The good news is that it will resolve the issue. The bad news is that E.coli which causes most of the problems can survive and develop a resistance to the antibiotics in the future.


When I left the UK 6 years ago, the medical industry had decided to stop using Antibiotics unless it was an emergency for this exact reason. Their belief was that they were causing a bigger problem to occur in the future when the virus strains can become immune from their antibiotics, but here in the USA, Doctors still hand them out like sweets.


Cranberry Juice – The wonder juice


I have seen female friends suffer badly from bladder problems. After drinking 1 or 2 pints of cranberry juice, the pain subsided.  There is an element within cranberry’s and Blueberry’s that stops E.coli from sticking to the bladder walls, thus helping the natural healing process.

Ensure you only drink “unsweetened”. Never drink anything that acidifies the urine like orange juice. the objective is to add Alkaline.




Drink 6 pints during the period of infection to flush out the bladder.


Magnesium Citrate : To Banish the Bacteria


This natural substance creates alkaline in the urine which makes it really difficult for E.coli to survive. 300 to 400mg/day for as long as you have the infection.


Three days of Cranberry Juice, Water flushing and Magnesium Citrate will kick E.coli ass…



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