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Tips for Cold Sores


Cold Sores…A plague for me ! When I get depressed even slightly, I can feel the dreaded cold sore waiting to bust through my upper lip.  Herpes ! and I have it for life. It is related to Herpes Simplex Type 2.

This little bugger cannot be cured, it just sits in the background just waiting for a chance to pop its ugly head up. The answer is to have a strong immune system which will keep it locked away.

Here are some natural substances to help fight Cold Sores

Lysine : The Virus Blocker

The Herpes Virus reproduces itself by getting close to our amino acids “arginine” known as the binding cell. However, if the cells are already occupied by other amino acids like Lysine, the virus cannot reproduce.

Lysine can be found in Turkey, Ricotta Cheese, Avocado, Eggs and Chocolate.
There you go, now you have a reason to eat chocolate !

During an outbreak of cold sores, stay away from nuts, seeds, milk, cheese and pork which contain Arginine which would provide the virus with the empty cells that the virus needs to multiply.

Live Yogurt
This is something we should be eating EVERY day. Look for Dannon Activa on your supermarket shelves. This yogurt contains Bifidus bacteria which is a good bacteria and will fight the herpes virus.

How simple and obvious. Virus’s don’t like the cold, so freeze the little buggers as soon as you have the first sign of the cold sore coming .This will stop the blister from forming.

Zinc. Builds the Immune System Another key ingredient we should all take daily. 15mg day will prevent any cold sores from raising their ugly heads.



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