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Tips for Preventing Gallstones


Every year 1 Million Americans are diagnosed with Gallstones joining 20 Million others who already have the problem. My word, we are an unhealthy lot !

What does the Gall Bladder do ?
The GB is a small pear shaped organ that stores bile, a liquid produced by the liver for digesting fats.
When the bile becomes too concentrated while sitting in the gallbladder, hard crystal like stoned can be formed. 80% of these stones are made of Cholesterol, the other 20% are made of salt.

People who are overweight are more likely to form stones than lean people, so yet another reason to eat wisely. The theory suggests that for every pound of fat we hold, we generate 10 milligrams of cholesterol.

These stones of all sizes irritate the inflame the gallbladder and tubes that connect the gallbladder to the intestines.

The bad news is that alternative medicine CANNOT dissolve these stones once they have formed, but they can stop them from becoming larger.

A Naturopathic physician from San Diego once said 85% of all surgeries to remove gallstones are unnecessary.

Three actions we need to take immediately to avoid Gallstones

1) Low Fat Diet. Saturated fats, meats, shortenings, hydrogenated oils make the bile more concentrated which causes the problem.

2) Fatty Acids. Once we cut down on bad fats, we need to increase the good fats fish oil, flaxseed oil and olive oils. These oils will improve the solubility of the bile. 1 or 2 tablespoonful/day.

3) High Fiber. Fiber is essential for reducing cholesterol. All Bran, High fiber bread, vegetables, fruits etc.

4) Water to flush the system ounce of water for every pound you weigh.

5) Sugar Sugar inflames the gallbladder stay away from high sugar foods.

6) Milk Thistle stimulates the liver and helps reduce cholesterol. 600mg/day


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