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Avoiding Heart Disease


The heart is our most crucial organ. It needs to pump around 2000 gallons of blood each day, every day For How Many Years ?


When was the last time we did something to maintain our hearts.


Have you ever seen a heart caked with Fat !  Its no wonder 700,000 people in the USA die every year.


Think of your heart like your water system in the house. You have the main pump connected to each room by pipes. There are two major areas that causes the heart to fail.


The First Is the heart becomes restricted by fatty tissue which reduces the ability of the Heart to pump causing fatigue and stress to the heart.


The second is the pipes become clogged by plaque decreasing the blood flow which starves the heart of the blood that it has to pump around the body.


Mother nature has already done the hard work, all you have to do is follow her advice.


Virgin Olive Oil – 1 table spoon day

Spinach leaves – Use in a small salad but watch the dressing !

Tomato Puree – Concentrated puree is more powerful than fresh tomatoes

Almonds/Walnuts – A handful a day will keep the mortician away

Pomegranate Juice – The Best anti-oxidant available


These simple and inexpensive healthy foods have been proved to help reduce cholesterol, help fight the bad fats in our bodies, repels free radicals that attack our immune systems.


There is NO reason to suffer from heart disease. This is common knowledge, all you have to do is eat these food products and maintain our hearts.


A Sure way to an early grave


If we want to say farewell to your friends and family sooner rather than later Eat the following….



Margarines/shortening/buttery spreads are Deadly ~ and loaded with both Trans Fats & Saturated Fats.


Tip: How do we know bad fats from good fats.

Answer : If they are solid at room temperature, they are solid when inside you.... Think about Olive Oil !


Fast Food.

Fried Food will Kill us, there is no dispute.  Every time you eat food cooked in the cheapest oil which are loaded in trans Fats, you might as well take another few months off your lives.


Frozen Foods

Who says life was fair !  Commercially made apple pies, waffles, pizzas, fish sticks all contain Trans Fats to ensure they last long enough to be sold in the supermarkets. Bake your own, use fat substitute baking products.


Chips & Crackers

Just about everything mass produced is prepared using Trans Fats, Saturated Fats or both. This stuff is poison and only used to boost manufactures profits.


Don’t let them get rich at your expense. Read the labels ! Say no to Trans & Saturated Fats.


Some Good News !  More and more companies are offering Organic lines Of foods. They may cost a little more, but the more organic food we buy The cheaper it will become and the manufactures will be forced to change Their production recipes and



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