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24 Hour Fitness®, the world's largest privately owned and operated fitness center chain, began as a one-club operation in 1983. From the start, 24 Hour Fitness Chairman and CEO, Mark S. Mastrov, had a vision to make fitness a way of life by creating the ultimate in multi-sport fitness centers and make them affordable and accessible to people of all abilities and fitness levels.



Eating live yogurt containing Bifidus will provide us With the healthy bacteria required to fight unwanted Free radicals that can cause cancer.

Anna Sova a leading supplier of luxury organic products ranging from wall finishes, bedding, draperies, towels and more all developed in a eco-safe and body friendly way.




Bally Total Fitness provides a quality service and outstanding facilities at very affordable prices. Their goal to help you achieve results YOUR way. Bally Total Fitness offers an excellent training system, with the crucial nutritional education we all badly need. They have also launched a new online weight loss program which will help the 17 Million Obese Americans.


Taking a low dosage of aspirin everyday can reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke by as much as 30%.  The FDA says that as little as one-half (160 mg) of a regular-strength aspirin tablet reduces the risk of death by up to 23 percent if administered when a heart attack is suspected and continued for 30 days thereafter. Aspirin taken during a suspected heart attack can also lessen the damaging effects of the heart attack.


Research has shown a handful of Almonds each day can lower the evil LDL cholesterol. In addition to the above benefit, Almond Oil Is one of the better oils our body needs as a source Of energy.



Not the largest supplier of Olive Oil but a company Who care about the taste, tradition and methods of growth. The Canzoneri family are committed to the taste and purity Of this amazing organic Virgin Olive Oil.



GNC sets the standard in the health and nutrition industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting edge of nutritional science. GNC are committed to the quality and helping us lead a healthier life.


Healthgoods provide healthy alternatives to mass marketed products. They resell products that have been tested and have proved to improve our everyday environments.


The wellness company provides an extensive range of household products all developed naturally. Products range from vitamins, cosmetics, hair products and cleaning supplies..



to find an amazing natural range of juices that will help you develop a more healthy lifestyle.



A diet without carbs is an unbalanced diet and bread

plays a crucial part in any a diet. The key is to ensure

you avoid white bread and any breads that have artificial

preservatives, colors, flavors and uses trans-fats during the baking

process. Nature’s Own Bread is a All-natural provider of excellent

breads that leave out the nasty chemicals and give us fiber,

carbs and proteins in each slice.


Producers of natures most powerful Anti-oxidant. Read the results of studies that How drinking POM can reduce the plague build up in our arteries by as much as 30%.




Have you ever wanted to receive all the benefits of ozone generating air purifiers without the high levels of ozone? Our team at Air Oasis has spent countless hours researching the solution and it's now available to you! All Air Oasis air purifiers now contain our new patent-pending quad-nano Xtreme™  catalyst coating.


You may think the Brits are mad for drinking so much Tea, but Tea is full of Flavonoids which are a powerful antioxidant. It also helps us absorb our fluid intake providing we drink Tea without sugar.



Is the Internet leading e-tailer offering gluten free, Natural and organic products delivered, right to your doorstep.


The ultimate in supermarkets. Visit your local Whole Food Market for an amazing supply of organic meats, vegetables, vitamins and food products that will enhance and extend your life.


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